What is the Avails Manager

What is the Avails Manager

In a Nutshell

The Avails Manager is a powerful tool which allows distributors to quickly present and enquire about available rights for films they are interested in.
Usually,  a film availability is dependent upon many crossing factors like countries, territories, exclusivity, format and means of exploitation (broadcast, VOD, theatrical etc.).

Combining all those parameters in a swift search and coming up with an immediate answer, is a key factor for a successful deal and can prevent loss of clients.

In Practice

To find whether a film is available for sale, simply enter a some or all of the parameters above and immediately map the available films.
Use the results to narrow down the search, present or watch screeners and enter into a negotiation.

As you can see, the interface is pretty straight forward and allows both the distributor and the buyer to see immediately what's available.

Not Replacing Humans!

In QuickRights, we understand that distributors and buyers prefer to negotiate directly. This the reason why QuickRights' Avails Manager goal is to assist both sides of the deal in getting as much information and in the shortest time possible. 

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