Inviting Buyers to the Avails Manager

Inviting Buyers to the Avails Manager

Be in Control

QuickRights allows film distributors and sales agents to retain total control over the details they expose to potential clients. Not everyone likes to have their avails open to the world.
The Avails Manager provides a perfect balance between the need to present clients with maximum information that will help push deals to a closing on the one hand and ensure total discreetness when necessary, on the other hand.

What are Invites

Invites are private links to the Avails Manager, for a specific film catalogue. They let an invitee (potential buyer) browse through films and see which ones are available for their needs (in a territory, platform and exclusivity which they require).

Creating an Invite

A distributor or sales agent,  who owns an account in QuickRights, can creates invites.
The people who receive the invitation are potential buyers. They don't have to have an account with QuickRights. 

In the Avails Manager, the distributor clicks the side menu ("hamburger" menu) and chooses to create an invite. 

Invite Best Practices

We recommend creating an invite after the rights parameters had been set. Before sending an invite, the distributor or sales agent should simply ask the potential buyer "what rights are you interested in"?
Then, when the invite link is sent, it already contains those parameters, so the invitee will see only films which correspond to the search query.
That way, invitees will easily find their way with results which are relevant to their predefined needs.

Invite Options

While most of the invite features are self-explanatory, let us elaborate on three powerful features:
  1. Set an expiry date for the invite.
    That allows the distributor to disclose the information only for a specific timeframe, which is necessary for the negotiation.
  2. Allow clients to watch screeners.
    If the distributor chose to upload or embed screeners in the system, they can allow or disallow access to them. Most distributors will allow screeners. The basic assumption in this field is that if we don't trust the other side, we should not do business with them in the first place.
  3. Allow invitees to refine their search.
    That option allows the invitee to change the rights they are looking for. For example, if they required exclusivity and see that the film they are interested in is not available, they might change that parameter and instead, enter "non-exclusive" in the search.
Distributors should be careful before allowing search refinement to buyers, as it might create confusion among buyers.

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