Presenting Avails to clients

Presenting Avails to clients

One of QuickRights' most powerful tools is the Avails Manager. It lets distributors and sales agents quickly present avails for the films they represent, without having to browse endlessly through contracts, memos and notes, to verify that a certain film is available.

The Avails Manager is built with a Mobile First approach, which means it's viewed best from a smartphone, because we assumed most discussions about a film would be done in a crowded environment such as a market.

Best Practices

First, the steps. Then pictures:
  1. Login to the Avails Manager, at
  2. To begin with, we recommend searching the avails from your own phone or tablet and not from the client's one.
    The reason is simple: they don't know the platform and might get lost in its parameters.
  3. Ask the client for the rights they want to license. For example: USA // SVOD // non exclusive // produced not earlier than the last 3 years.
  4. Present the client with the results.
  5. To see the rights available for a specific film, simply ask them to click on the poster (or do it yourself).
  6. All the details regarding the film and its availability, appear inside the film details page. It's pretty much self-explanatory.
  7. At that stage, your client might want to think about it, maybe watch a screener.
  8. Click on the dots menu and create an invite. Fill in the client's email. You might want to set an expiry date for that invite. After all, that catalogue is a precious asset for you and you might want to keep details confidential.
    You can also mark whether you allow them to watch screeners (most people do).
    Read more about creating invites here.
  9. Your clients can browse your catalogue themselves and in their free time. Note that be default, they will be limited to the parameters you set for them when you created the invite (territories, platforms, exclusivity).
  10. Your clients can mark a film as favourite by adding them to a Wishlist. You'll get notified about it.
  11. However, we do not include negotiation tools like making a proposal and requesting for a quote.
Because we're not a marketplace! -:)


Individual film page. note the View Availability at the bottom
Discover how much of the request is available. An extremely powerful feature

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