Understanding Availabilities Results

Understanding Availabilities Results

Use Case

Let's assume a potential film buyer entered some parameters of the rights they are interested in.
For example, they look for non-exclusive rights in DACH countries (German speaking), to be broadcast free to air.
They have also chosen the genres and production year (we present production year in a relational way, assuming most buyers will limit search to recent 3 years).

Naturally, the results of their search might not totally fit to what the buyers are looking for. That's life -:) Going for the next best option, the buyer in our example might settle to only one country instead of the 3 DACH countries. 
The mechanism is relying on a common business approach (and human nature in general): First, most people aspire for an ideal result (in our case, positive answers to all the parameters entered in the search). Then, one might agree to a less than ideal result. Business world conventions accept "it depends", "yes, but.." and other limitations and constraints. In many cases, buyers and sellers are open and flexible to negotiations.
QuickRights mimics that dynamism in the Avails Manager through search results and their refinement.
The results, as a list of films, can be "Available" // "Unavailable" // "Partially Available".
While the "available" and "unavailable" are very straightforward, the "partially available" needs some explanation:

Partially available simulates a situation in which the distributor (seller) tells the buyer "the film is available, if you agree to be flexible with your requirements."
QuickRights adapts to that reality by presenting avails as percentage and providing sellers and buyers a starting point for discussion.

Partial Availability

In order to further understand what exactly are the rights available in relation to what the buyer searched for,  QuickRights presents a detailed report, along with a percentage.

And what if I'm not good at Math?...

It's actually simpler than you might think: if a buyer chose 3 parameters (1-exclusivity // 2-territory // 3-platform) and only ONE is available, then the result would be 33% availability (one out of three).
Please also note that "availability" refers to the rights, not to genres, length etc. (which is practically, film search).

Solving the Issue

33% is a just a figure. And a buyer would want to know WHAT is available and what's not, so they can reconsider the rights they are willing to live with, despite the limitations.
QuickRights presents those results further in an intuitive and clear way:
The buyer sees that the reason the availability percentage was low is because she demanded public performance rights.

Proceed to a Deal

Partial availability is not the goal of neither side. It is rather a challenge that must be addressed. In order to solve the situation in our example, the buyer might agree give up her request for Public Performance. 
That can be done by simply clicking on the FILTER MOVIES again and removing Public Performance from the search engine.


No need in sending emails back and forth for weeks: On the spot, simply remove that limiting parameter from the filters and search again. The percentage will be updated.
That way, buyers can easily see where they stand, in terms of what's available in relation to what they asked for. 
Now they can choose to whether adapt to the results and redefine their decision.

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